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Chopin’s best piano pieces

Frederic Chopin was a French-Polish composer and pianist who lived from 1810 to 1849. Not only was he a well-known child prodigy and virtuoso, but he was considered one of the most important composers of the Romantic period of Western music. Fantasie Impromptu Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu was composed in 1834 and is regarded as one of the composer’s most well-known works for piano. It has been said to be similar […]

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Debussy’s Moonlight in a Unique Whole Tone Style

Debussy’s piano piece “Clair de Lune” illustrates the unique whole tone style of the French composer. The title translate to “moonlight” in French. In music, tone are separated by equally spaced intervals called half steps. Sit at a piano and play all of the white and black keys consecutively to play consecutive half steps. To play whole steps, play every other key. This results in a whole tone scale. Debussy […]

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Adele Defies the “Sophomore Jinx”

Many incredible musicians have entered our eardrums with amazing debut albums that have set the bar so high that they struggle to ever be able to reach that status again. But super singer supreme – Adele – surely defeated the music industry hex known as “the sophomore jinx” with her second album called 21. Considering that Adele’s astounding entrance into stardom and worldwide concert stages was the groundbreaking 19, success […]

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